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Body Transform

muscular back woman in black top turned away from camera preparing for fitness class

Intermediate / Advanced

Super efficient and transformative workout which combines cardio, resistance and circuit training. Using no equipment but purely bodyweight resistance, this high-intensity, fast-paced class aims at increasing your metabolism and cardiovascular capacity, burning up a crazy amount of calories and hitting every area of the body.

Body Transform pushes your body to work hard, challenging your limits through intense bursts of activity and short recovery periods in between intervals. It increases your fitness level while burning fat and maintaining the muscular system, specially strengthening the muscles involved in respiration and the heart muscle. The physical and mental benefits of this type of exercise are seemingly endless. From managing body weight and warding off heart disease, reducing stress and tension to increasing self-esteem and tremendous mood improvement.

Body Transform is suitable for individuals who already have some experience in cardio types of exercising (e.g. running, swimming, HIIT etc.) and advanced practitioners. If you are new to this approach of working-out, we would reccomend starting with a lower-intensity program first (see Tone Zone) to help get yourself prepared for the more grueling regimen. This class is only 45 minutes long, including warm-up and cool-down routine so it is ideal for everyone who have limited schedules but want class that targeting every area of physical body and enhancing clarity of the mind.

”Sweat is just fat crying, so burst in tears baby!”

~ Unknown

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